Terms of sales


The web-shop « ButcherAtHome » from the butcheries Johan & Ria and Andries [BCTS Catering SPRL], whose head is located on Chaussée de Gand, 631 in 1080 Brussel, offer to his customer to order online their products in the following conditions:

  • The following conditions define the relations between the company "BCTS Catering SPRL" and them customers. They apply without restriction on all selling on the present web-shop butcherathome.be on professionals' customer or not. They begin on date de lancement du site.
  • You agree all these conditions by order or by signing them up.
  • They overbear all others documents with an indicative value (such as the information directly given or advertising on products, descriptions and other catalogues). Also, on all others contradictory documents.
  • If annoyance between the company "BCTS Catering SPRL" and the customer, these general conditions apply in the absence of a dispute by the contractor. Otherwise, conflicting clauses contradict each other in favour of common law.
  • The illegality or the non-validity of one of the clauses envisaged in the general conditions causes no nullity of the other clauses envisaged in these general conditions
  • « BCTS Catering SPRL Â» have the right to edit without notice these general conditions. They are therefore apposable to users as soon as they are posted online and will be relevant for all selling done after the amendment.
  • By ordering, the buyer recognizes that all our goods are provided with the indications required by the current decrees and comply with the standards and regulations in force in Belgium and/or in the European Union at the date of delivery.
  • The goods travels at the risks of the recipient.
  • This is a sales agreement making on internet, the company wants to be clearly identified by the customers:

Company: "BCTS Catering SPRL"

Address: Chaussée de Gand, 631 in 1080 Brussel

Company n°: BE0467.095.877


  • To be available, reclamations must be made by a recommended fold following the 3 days after the delivery.
  • In case of dispute, the Courts of Brussel are competent, except if the company "BCTS Catering SPRL" choose another competent Court.
  • These general conditions of sale are applicable to our customers and vice versa to the company "BCTS Catering SPRL".
  • If fault in the fulfilment of the contract, our responsibility is limited to the amount of the invoice and the foreseeable damage, direct, personally and undoubted, excluding indirect and bodiless damages such as additional expenses, loss of profit or data.
  • Delivery times are purely indicative. A delay in delivery cannot engage our responsibility or give rise to indemnities, fines or total/partial cancellation of the contracts.
  • The contractual relations between the company "BCTS Catering SPRL" and its contractors are exclusively governed by the Belgian law.
  • Our general conditions replace and cancel all terms and conditions of the customer, except written agreement.



  • Pictures and illustrations have an indicative value, even for cut products. Their weight is likely to vary according to the cut in a range of +/- 6% compared to the weight indicated on the description of the product. If the products to be cut is 6% higher or lower than the weight indicated in the description, the excess or insufficient weight will not give rise to any proportional increase or decrease in the price.
  • Consequently, our responsibility cannot be committed in case of error, inaccuracies or omissions relative to the information of our offers put on-line.
  • The products on the web-shop are in the limit of the available stock. Information on availability and delivery are provided to customers during their ordering. We keep the right to modify at any time and without notice our offer until the conclusion of the contract.
  • If the goods ordered are not available anymore, the company "BCTS Catering SPRL" undertakes to inform the buyer as soon as possible by mail. He may request the cancellation of his order against refund or substitution with another product or the modification of its delivery date.


  • Selling prices on the web shop are in euros and all taxes including (VAT). Prices are including VAT applicable the day of orders.
  • Prices can be changed at any time, the prices applicable to the customer being those in force at the time of the conclusion of the order. The amount of the order that the customer has validated when proceeding to payment is the price that will be claimed.
  • Prices do not include delivery charges, they'll be charged in addition to the price of purchased products.
  • Invoices can be paid at our head office, no later than 8 days of sending them. If they remain unpaid, the remaining balance and a legal interest of 1.5% per month will be eligible in their entirety, without prior notice. The seller will be entitled to claim an additional amount equal to 20% of the remaining balance with a minimum of 75 €, as a lump sum compensation, expressly agreed between the parties.
  • All supplies remain our property until full payment of the sums due.
  • Without formal notice and as of right, the amount of any invoice not paid at the due date, will automatically be increased by 15% with a minimum of 50 €. In addition, default interest calculated at 1% per month runs automatically from the due date of payment.


  • Any order entrusted to us commits us only after our written confirmation.
  • Customers are entirely responsible of the given information's on the purchase order.
  • If information's aren't given, purchase orders won't be available anymore. Our responsibility could not be engaged if we are not able to delivery because of missing or wrong information's
  • Customer reach his account with the login he personally created. The company cannot be held responsible for any action carried out via or on the customer's account by a third party to whom the customer has communicated or who would have had access to his / her identifiers or customer account due to a fault / negligence attributable to the customer.
  • The customer is required to strictly control his order and possibly correct the content before validation.
  • He is also required to check the accuracy of the place, the date and the time of delivering.
  • By validating his order, the customer certifies having read and accept these general conditions of sale.
  • Payment must be made in the conditions specified and chosen by the customer.
  • We reserved the right to not confirm any purchase order from a customer with whom there is or would be a dispute.
  • In case of unilateral cancellation of an order by the customer, we reserve the right to claim a compensation equal up to 30% of the total amount of the order.



  • Delivery times are indicative unless otherwise stipulated. Customer can not request for a compensation or break the agreement in case the delivery time cannot be respected.
  • Our packages are delivered by our carrier, by the Taxi Vert company or by the delivering service Parcify Track. Customer can choose the option "withdrawal in store" or in the refrigerated dispenser outside the shop [these options is not available for the shop Andries in Uccle].
  • If customer chose to be delivered by the Taxi Vert company [ordering via web-shop], he must specify the time for the delivering. This one must be minimum 4 hours after the order, which is the time to ready the parcel. If the customer can not be present for the reception, the parcel will be lost.
  • If customer chose to be delivered by Parcify Track [ordering by phone-call], he must specify the time for the delivering. This one must be minimum 2 hours after the order, which is the time to ready the parcel. If the customer can not be present for the reception, the parcel will be lost.
  • BCTS Catering SPRL declines all responsibilities in case of no-withdrawal/no-receipt or if the customer is missing.




Delivery areas/

Amount of the order

ZONE 1: Brussels and the 19 municipalities

ZONE 2: Brussels periphery [direct and "extra"]

More than 100 €



Between 50 and 100 €


10,00 €

Less than 50€

10,00 €

20,00 €


  • Customers must check the products at the moment of delivery. All disputes must be made within 24 hours by mail [if missing/damaged products or unconformity].
  • Our products are delivering by carriers and at the client's risk.

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