About us

Who are we?

Johan and his wife Ria created the QualitY House Johan & Ria in Molenbeek-Saint-Jean and Andries in Uccle.

Johan grew up in his parents’ farm in Dixmude. During his youngest, he discovered the taste of a smooth meat and good for well-being. At 18 years, and after 6 years at the butchery college, Johan decided to come to Brussel.

He’ll further his knowledge by Brussels famous butchery and meat butchery, for instance Keurslager Walter. He will work with Ria in a famed meat butchery in Uccle: Andries. This is where they learnt the home-made delicatessen and the worth of the quality from the products they’re selling.

Proud of all their experiences, Johan and Ria start their own meat butchery in 1992. They became real fast as famous as the biggest butchery in Brussel thanks to the home-made delicatessen, the catering and most of all the meat coming from the farm of the Johan’s parents.

During 2006, Johan and Ria decided to resume the meat butchery where they learn everything they knew: Andries. They start to reduce the production costs and they could keep the affordability for a bigger customer base.

The meat butchery Johan & Ria and Andries are maybe not the cheaper, but they are one of the best places in Brussel.

Our teams

Our teams

Johan & Ria and Andries are not meat butchery like the others but well QualitY Houses where love of the profession rhyme with passion and the quality of the products.

A decade of people is working together in our workshops and butcheries. A wide choice of meat, delicatessen, home-made diners and so many cheeses are available in our shops.

To share the necessity to work with passion, Johan and his team are sometimes working with schoolboys. So, they can learn the significance to work with passion.

If you have some questions or need some suggestions, our teams will be glad to help you. They’ll give you the bests advices depending on what you’re looking for.

TO KNOW : One of our students in the past was HENDRIK DIERENDONCK and his girlfriend .

Our passion

Proud of an experience of more than 20 years, Johan and his team select every day the best meat with flavour to propose it to customers and them requirements. TEROIR, PASSION, METIER

Johan’s professional experience is a major asset for the selection of natural and local products. He and his team are permanently looking for the best products.

Our butchers glamorize every piece of the animal with them work: boning and cutting daily to offer a tasty and tender meat.

Our collaborators will be glad to help and give you the best advices for every piece of meat and how to cook them to get the perfect meal.

Our passion

Our farmers

The farmers whose working with the QualitY Houses Johan & Ria and Andries share the same values: quality, taste and more over the passion of them work.

beef johan en ria

Beef and veal are coming from the Johan’s parent’s farm in Dixmude, West Flanders, not far from North Sea. Feed with fresh fodders and cereals, the cattle enjoy the fresh air from the sea side. They’re raised without antibiotics or growth hormones. This is how we guarantee a tender meat with an intense taste.

Pork johan en ria

The BRASVAR pork is raised in East Flanders, in a little farm in Nevele. Pork are raised on a respectful and organic way. That’s the point for this juicy and tasty meat. Johan wanted to find back a meat with a true-born taste, the one he used to get when he was younger. That’s what he found in this special piggery. www.BRASVAR.be for all the charcuterie of the house and our meat.

Lambs johan en ria

The lamb is coming from a breeding in the Netherlands. The best lambs are selected to be sure of the quality of our products. This is a fresh meat coming in our workshops, boning and cutting by the professionalism of our butchers. So, this is not a meat under vacuum whose coming into our shops.

Poultry johan en ria

Poultry is coming from a farm that understood early the necessity to raise animals with respect. Fed with seed, our poultry are full of Omega3. Moreover, they are plucked dry and by hand, far from the industrial rollers and the intensive cleaning of battery poultry.

Our workshops

All the products we are using are closely checked and cooked without food dyes or harmful preservatives. And you taste it in our delicatessen or the prepared catering!!!

Meat carcasses are directly coming from the slaughterhouses. Carefully, they are boned and cut depending on our customer’s wishes. Our meats are keeping all taste from our displays to your plate!

Our recipes are suitable among the seasons and fresh products. Cooked in our workshops, our Chef is trying everything to make your life easier when you don’t want to cook!

All products are made in the workshop in Molenbeek-Saint-Jean. A part of all this production is daily transported to the shop in Uccle by a specific refrigerated truck. You get the warranty of fresh home-made products every day.

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